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Novelty: The Kit provides a magnetic nanoparticle which can quickly entrap bacteria from complex matrices.
The kit employs a novel concept of using a magnetic nanoparticle mediated entrapment of the bacteria and avoids pre-enrichment. Test results are read visually by colour change (colourless indicates resistance and blue colour sensitivity). Test results are available within 11 h and hence can be carried out at field level on wide variety of clinical samples. The kit also provides flexibility in the choice of antibiotics. The kit has been validated at different laboratories and has been demonstrated for its utility to the field veterinarians.

Novelty: This is a novel probiotic multi-strain formula for maintaining healthy micro-flora in bovine reproductive tract.
Endo Met-PB is also intended to treat mild and moderate case of endometritis in bovines. It is also advised for usage as a post insemination supplement. Results showed significant decrease (p<.001) in nature of vaginal discharge in mild and moderate cases and in white side test & significant reduction (p<.001) in leukocyte infiltration when evaluated on animals with different degrees of endometritis.

Novelty: The Kit provides two lateral flow strips which also includes a specific recombinant protein – ability to differentiate reactivity to non-pathogenic tuberculosis.
The OIE recommends use of sero diagnosis of BTB using bovine and avian protein purified derivatives in combination with TB specific proteins to increase specificity and sensitivity. TRPVB Bovine TB alert kit™ is a rapid immune-chromatographic test for TB antibody detection with defined bovine TB specific antigens and crude Mycobacterium specific proteins meant for use in BTB sero-diagnosis.

Novelty: TRPVB has developed a freeze dried preparation of “bovine platelet lysate” (BPL) which can be used as an alternate complementary therapy for mastitis along with antibiotics.
PL has been shown in the literature to i) accelerate healing of mammary gland parenchyma of mastitis affected animals ii) limits tissue damage and fibrosis iii) reduce mastitis recurrence rates. BPL has been prepared as freeze dried vials containing 3.8 mg/ml. One vial can use for one application in 2-4 teats.

Novelty: Newcastle disease (ND) is one of the economically important diseases of poultry and other birds, due to its devastating consequences in infected birds. The vaccine is administered individually to birds by oculo-nasal route. We used collagen beads to formulate a lentogenic-live ND vaccine for oral delivery of the vaccine. The bead preparation can be done at the farm by farmer using freeze dried commercial vaccine vial and collagen solution. The virus was viable in the collagen for more than 2 hrs at room temperature without any reduction in virus titer. The vaccine delivered through collagen beads elicited similar levels of HI titers compared to commercial vaccine.
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