A DBT-TANUVAS Partnership Programme
Understanding the immune mechanism of host disease and development of marker vaccines and DIVA test for Peste des Petits ruminants.
Principal Investigator: Dr. G. Dhinakar Raj
Funding Agency: DBT - GOI
Collaborator: Dr. Satya Parida, Head, Vaccine Differentiation, The Pirbright Institute, UK
Controlling enteric pathogen of poultry: Host microbiota interaction, risk assessment and effective management interventions
Principal Investigator: Dr. M. RAMAN
Funding Agency: DBT-BBSRC
Collaborator: Dr Damer Blake, Royal Veterinary College (RVC) / Prof. C. G. Joshi, Anand Agricultural University (AAU)
Development of recombinant BCG Vaccine and complementary diagnostics for TB control in cattle
Principal Investigator: DR. V. MAROUDAM
Funding Agency: DBT-BBSRC
Collaborator: Ms.Ruma Banerjee, CDAC, Pune / Professor John Joe McFadden, University of Surrey, UK
Development of a novel production technology to enhance the scalability and afforability of the peste des petits ruminants (PPR) vaccine
Principal Investigator: DR. G. DHINAKAR RAJ
Funding Agency: DBT - SBIRI
Collaborator: Dr.T.V.S.Rao, Vivimed Labs Limited
Animal Biotechnology Career Enhancement Programme (ABCEP)
Principal Investigator: DR. G. DHINAKAR RAJ
Funding Agency: DBT - GOI
Collaborator: ---
External validation of diagnostic assays for detection of anti-Brucella antibodies developed under the DBT-Network Project on Brucellosis
Principal Investigator: Dr. K.G. TIRUMURUGAAN
Funding Agency: DBT - GOI
Collaborator: ---
Prevalence of bovine Trichomoniasis in India using Inpouch TF media
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sathish Kota
Funding Agency: Sihil Pharma, Chennai
Collaborator: ---
Evaluation of virus like particle vaccine against a fatal viral disease of dogs in target species
Principal Investigator: Dr. V. Maroudam
Funding Agency: BIRAC, DBT-GOI
Collaborator: Palamur Biosciences Ltd., Hyderabad
Hybrid Magnetic Nanoparticle Aptamer Bio Sensor for On-Farm Pregnancy Diagnosis in cattle
Principal Investigator: Dr. K.G. TIRUMURUGAAN
Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology, GOI, New Delhi
Collaborator: ---
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