• Dr. M. Raman
  • Project Director


Dr.Muthusamy Raman has been teaching the graduate and post graduate students of Parasitology in the Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS since 20 years. He was the recipient of the University Best Teacher award (2006), Best Scientist Award (2002) from the Government of Tamil Nadu and Biotechnology Overseas Associateship Award (2007) from Dept of Biotechnology, Government of India. His main research areas include development of vaccines against economically important Haematophagus nematodes, Fasciola gigantica of livestock and avian coccidiosis. His laboratory is enormously funded by British Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research council under CIDLID grant 2010. His post doctoral research training at Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh, UK had resulted in the development of an oral edible gel vaccine against Eimeria tenella in commercial broilers (DBT, GOI) and concealed gut antigen vaccine for sheep (ICAR,GOI). He has carried out antigenic profiling of various tropical ticks and nematodes. He has published 104 research papers including 30 in peer reviewed international journals.

At this centre he will be involved to develop strategies and policies for successful implementation and achievement of the mandate of TRPVB. He would be involved in different research projects and collate it with the needs of stake holders and market potential in the field of vaccines. He will co-ordinating the research team in generating new vaccine candidates, study plan co-ordination with respect to the validation and testing of vaccine candidates at this facility as per regulatory compliance. In the component of vaccines he will also be leading the team to ascertain the QA to stakeholders with respect to the accepted project on validation of vaccine candidates and their outcomes as per standard approved norms.