A DBT-TANUVAS Partnership Programme
Nano-IVMEC Dog Shampoo
This novel nanotechnology based shampoo is formulated especially for companion animals. Active ivermectin compound and phytochemicals are encapsulated in nanoform to increase their stability, reduce dosage to minimize toxicity with extended activity. It has both anti-parasitic and anti-microbial activities. It is perfect for pet dogs with normal skin to prevent attack of parasitic diseases. It is also useful for the treatment of dogs with infestations by ticks, fleas, mites or lice. This shampoo contains Nano Form of ivermectin which is a known anti-parasitic compound. In addition it also contains Acorus calamus and Vitex negundo which has anti-microbial and anti-fungal activities. The essential oils present in this preparation helps to moisturize dry, itchy skin and promote growth of shiny healthy fur coat.

Nano IVMEC Spot-on
Nano IVMEC Spot-on is a novel nanotechnology based ivermectin Spot-on application used for the treatment of dogs against ticks, mites and fleas. It is used to treat both external and internal parasites for sustained periods. Nano IVMEC Spot-on, when dropped on the skin, gets absorbed within 15 minutes due to the nano formulation and is quickly released to the target site.

Metrozinc Gel
The metrozinc gel for animal applications is a unique combination of metronidazole and zinc oxide/silver. Metronidazole is an antibacterial and antiprotozoal substance which is effective against anaerobic bacterial infections, including Clostridium species and Fusobacterium species. It is also used to treat inflammatory bowel disease, skin allergies and infection on animals which is caused by Bacteriodes and Clostridium species.

A1/A2 Detect
Cow's milk protein constitutes around 30% of -casein. It has been classified into two genetic types as A1 and A2. The A1 variant of -casein upon digestion in humans leads to the formation of beta casamorphin. The A2 variant has been shown to have a positive association with milk yield and protein content. A1 A2 Detect kit offers a convenient, fast, efficient method for the extraction of DNA from Dried blood spot (DBS) and dried milk spot (DMS) and for the PCR amplification of A1/A2 variants of -casein using the ready-to-use PCR mix. The extracted DNA is amplified using the supplied ready-to-use A1/A2 PCR mix. For each sample, PCR will be carried out using two sets of mix (A1 mix & A2 mix) for picking the A1 variant and the A2 variant of -casein. The amplified products are run on a 2% agarose gel and based on the presence of amplified 250 bp product, the A1/A2 variants of -casein is determined.

Canine Dual Detect RAB-PAR
Rabies and Canine Parvo are major diseases affecting dogs. In spite of widespread use of inactivated/live vaccines, these diseases remain a significant threat to canine population. Interference from maternal antibodies leading to lowered efficacy of live vaccines is one of the major reasons for vaccine failure in canine parvo virus (CPV) infections. A lateral flow assay (LFA) kit is developed to identify Rabies virus and CPV specific antibodies simultaneously in dog sera.

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